Cronin’s 2020 Vision: Introduction

Oct 6, 2016

How technology will impact the future of marketing.

You’re in your car on your way to work. It’s rush hour. You have a coffee in one hand and your phone in another. But that’s OK—because you’re not driving.

Your car is.

You check your phone and see you have an alert from your refrigerator, saying that you’re running low on milk and eggs. Then your car chimes in: “20 miles to empty” — and shows all the gas stations en route on the display screen.

You look out the window and pass a billboard that changes to a message about finding a new dentist.  (Funny, you were just searching on your phone for a dentist a few minutes before.  Hmmm.) You speak aloud and an appointment for a cleaning with the dentist with the highest rating appears at your preferred time on your calendar. Booked.

You sit back and scroll through the daily offers from the stores you’ve passed on your way to the office to see if there’s anything worth stopping for on your way home — when you pick up the milk and eggs.

Welcome to the year 2020.

The internet will no longer be a destination, but an ambient layer of connectivity that’s pervasive all around us.  In fact, Morgan Stanley predicts that there will be over 75 billion connected devices in the world. All these technological advancements will have a big impact on the way consumers think, behave and interact with the brands around them. For marketers, this means huge opportunities for success — but also even larger possibilities for failure.

Will your brand be ready?

At Cronin, we envision three types of technology that will converge and impact brands in a big way: Tech that Sees, Tech that Does and Tech that Senses. Over the next few weeks, our innovation series will explore how each of these technologies is changing the world around us and examine the influence they will have on consumers.

The future starts now.

Billboards that see you coming are already popping up across the country.


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