Increased media consumption means better consumer targeting for brands

Nov 3, 2016

Let’s face it, life was simpler when we just turned on the TV or opened a newspaper to get our news and information.

Media consumption was straightforward and our jobs as marketers – although limited – were easier. Fast forward to today’s media landscape where consumers are more connected than ever before and, while more complicated, the opportunities are endless for marketers and brands.

Today there are 25 billion connected devices – even our homes are creating data that can be analyzed. By the year 2020, the number of connected devices is expected to grow 200 percent while half of all homes will have several hundred connected devices (i.e. smart home security systems, heating and cooling systems). Even video programming will see drastic increases in consumption by 2020 with more than half of the United States population consuming video programming via digital channels.

The amount of time users spend on their phones consuming all types of media creates a veritable gold mine of opportunities for brands to connect with their audience and provide relevant messaging and content beneficial to the customer.

So what does this all mean for brands trying to connect with consumers? The explosion of data and the amount that can be captured has now increased advertisers’ abilities to reach core prospects in unprecedented ways.

We will be able to analyze data beyond just age and income; we will know the gender, age and number of people in a household, the video programming that the family likes to consume, and even all the devices they own. We can use this information to reach the audience we want, where and when we want to target them.

Advertisers will be able to reach individuals to make personalized recommendations using “predictive analytics.” For example, if a person’s online shopping history is showing diapers and bottles, then a car company could choose to serve a minivan ad on their smartphone.

Having the tools and resources to analyze data for brands and determine the best ways to reach core audiences is critical. Brands need to seek partners that will enable them to leverage the explosion of data to remain competitive in today’s ever-changing landscape. Looking for designations like the Google Premier Partner certification is one way to ensure your marketing partner can deliver competitive advantages when it comes to targeted advertising. This designation allows marketers to take advantage of new online advertising products and offerings before they are publicly released ensuring a competitive edge when it comes to delivering results.

Ultimately, the increasing ways that people are consuming media are providing more channels for advertisers to connect with their target audiences. By effectively analyzing data that can be gleaned from all the technology and devices available to consumers, brands can target their messaging more successfully.


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