Work AdvanceCT

Online video attracts new businesses to Connecticut. 


AdvanceCT, a nonprofit organization that works to engage, retain and recruit businesses to the State of Connecticut to advance the overall economic competitiveness in the State, recruited Cronin to develop an overall messaging and social media strategy.  At the heart of the campaign is a video produced by Bonfire Productions, Cronin’s content engine, that focuses on some of the most innovative companies residing in Connecticut.  It was very important for AdvanceCT to shed new light on Connecticut – and all that it has to offer. Something that many other big companies have learned when they moved their businesses to the State. The video features footage from the four corners of Connecticut – from the big cities to the rolling farmlands – and utilizes a split screen format juxtaposing images of workplace with the ideal place to work, live and play.  And invites businesses to “Take Your Business to a Better Place.”


Having just launched – AdvanceCT reports an increased interest in businesses from across the US on how to learn more about the advantages of moving their businesses to Connecticut.