Work Amica Insurance

Connecting to insurance consumers through compelling creative.


Leveraging the trend of record-breaking video consumption on YouTube, we aimed to create videos that captured attention and broke through the clutter. 

Our insight was: Everyone in the insurance category talks about price.  But with Amica, you can get a good price without sacrificing great coverage and great service. 

This resulted in two creative paths:  

  • One spot focused on the bad feeling that you get when you saved money on car insurance but sacrificed quality and coverage, coining this phenomenon “Saver’s Remorse.” 
  • The other spots each featured either a mom or a dad who’s portrayed as a superhero for the great feat of getting the best possible insurance policy. 



These compelling, highly entertaining spots portray the Amica brand positively and confidently. They performed so well online that they then ran across National television and several other placements.  

By the numbers: We achieved +25.7% relative lift in ad recall and +8.9% relative lift in aided awareness.