Work Kinsa

Research fuels a brand story and website relaunch.

Founded in 2012, Kinsa’s mission is to stop the spread of infectious illness through early detection and early response. They created Kinsa Insights as a real-time illness tracking system that shows where viruses are spreading and predicts future outbreaks ahead of traditional consumer analytics: a real game-changer for businesses anticipating the sales of cold and flu symptom relief.   

Kinsa Insights sought to strengthen market understanding of their health insights and analytics solutions for individuals, school systems, municipalities, and businesses. The expansion into the business enterprise space required rapid development of digital assets to support lead generation efforts.  

To start, we developed a research plan that helped identify industry pain points and insight into how their B2B consumers understand the problem Kinsa Insights is looking to solve, and the language their customers use to solve it, so they can better align with the market. The results from this study provided powerful insights to fuel a compelling brand story that aligned the different audiences with the Kinsa Insights mission.  

From the brand story evolved their new website, coupling a differentiating identity design with a user experience catered to their audience.   

A successful launch: 

Phase 1 of the Kinsa Insights website has been well received. But this is only the start. Our collaboration with Kinsa continues as we expand the site to include additional features, functionality and content to support sales efforts and product evolution.